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Shangri-La is all about creating an unparalleled experience of music, art, and community. Harassment has no place here for any of our community members: attendees, staff, vendors, artists, crews, volunteers, promoters, and other guests.


What is harassment?

Harassment includes but is not limited to: stalking; physical assault and/or battery; unwelcome physical conduct such as touching, blocking, staring, making sexual gestures, and making or displaying sexual drawings or photographs; verbal or physical intimidation; and unwelcome verbal conduct, such as slurs, insults, sexual propositions, sexual jokes, and other sexual comments.


Where to get help:

If you witness or experience harassment, please report it to a member of the security or medical teams, or go directly to the first aid booth which is staffed around the clock. If you are unable to access them, ask any festival team member for help and they will call in the appropriate personnel. If you are working in any capacity at this festival, please follow your employer’s complaint reporting procedures (typically found in your employee handbook) and know that we are here to help and ensure your safety.

What to expect from our team if someone harasses you or if you harass others:

We take proactive steps to identify and address harmful behavior and take all reports of harassment seriously. When harassment is witnessed by or reported to our festival team, we strive to:

  • prioritize the target’s safety through connection to medical professionals, friends on-site, and/or law enforcement as desired, plus referrals to local resources off-site as needed; and
  • swiftly take action to ensure the safety of other community members through direct communication with the aggressor(s). This action with aggressor(s) can range from a documented warning to eviction from the festival depending on the severity of the behavior and the input of the person harmed.

Harassment is never the fault of the victim. It is our expectation that all community members behave kindly and with care, but if someone does harass you at Shangri-La, we hope we’ve created an environment where you’ll feel safe and comfortable asking our festival team for assistance.

Shangri-La and WookieFoot have partnered up with Calling All Crows and signed the pledge to be a part of the #HereForTheMusic campaign.


Come help the movement by taking an online anti-harassment training HERE.

Learn more about Calling all Crows mission by visiting there booth at the festival, or going to their website HERE.