Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Benefits include free admittance to the festival including Thursday early camping and Friday pre-party, free parking and working as a team to make the event possible.  This is an application only, and the completion of this form does not guarantee you a volunteer position. Please note: We require a $160 refundable deposit. Within 10 days after submitting your volunteer application here you will receive an email accepting (or denying) your application with additional steps about how to officially obtain a volunteer position. (This is not the automatic reply you receive after directly submitting your application stating it has gone through.) Around that same time you will also receive a separate email/invoice from PayPal with information on how to pay your deposit. You will be required to pay the deposit, or your application will not be accepted. Soon after your invoice is paid, we will then schedule you for a shift via the same email chain you received your acceptance information. We receive many applicants and appreciate your patience for a reply.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • All positions will be one 10-hour shift or two 6-hour shifts.
  • A deposit of $160 (paid through PayPal) is required to volunteer. Your deposit will be due within 10 days of receiving your invoice, and will be refunded to you via PayPal after the completion of your shift(s), within 2 weeks after the festival.  Due to credit card processing fees, there will be an $8 transaction fee for all volunteer deposits.  This will be deducted at the time your deposit is refunded to you after the event. (Please note: A ticket is not the same as a volunteer deposit and they are non-transferable. If you want to volunteer, we recommend waiting to buy your ticket until after you know if you’re accepted or not.)
  • Volunteer positions are scheduled on a first come/first serve basis – based on the needs of the festival. Applying for a certain spot does not guarantee you that spot. We will do our best, but please be flexible, and know that EVERY position needs to be filled and your presence is valued.
  • Please note: Due to the limited volunteer spots in each position, it is unlikely we are able to schedule friends/couples together.
  • In an effort to make events safer spaces for everyone, all volunteers will be required to take a Sexual Violence Prevention Online Training from the organization Calling All Crows.  You will receive more information with your volunteer acceptance email.  (*You do not need take the training again if you completed it last year)
  • All correspondence will be via email. Make sure you are checking your email regularly, and your junk/spam folders. (*Often PayPal invoices will go to junk folders automatically.) If you are not seeing responses within 2 weeks of applying, please email us at the email below. Because all correspondence relies on email, please make sure you are typing your email on your application correctly or we have no way of getting ahold of you.
  • It is important to read your entire email thoroughly as it contains valuable information about the festival, our cancellation policy, your volunteer position and requirements, important dates/times and more.

Any Questions, please contact us at