As some of you know FireCamp has gone thru some changes in the last year and I would like to introduce myself. I am from Ohio and have been burning Kevlar for about 4 years now and in that time I’ve dedicated myself to art of the Festival Fire Circle.

We have always prided ourselves in safety and hope to pass along the skill.Harmony Park now requires all patrons that intend to spin fire at any Harmony event to carry person performer liability insurance.

This can be obtained from two companies SPECIALTY INSURANCE GROUP or PEEPS PERFOMER INSURANCE offered by IJA.Either single event or year long (best deal) coverage is available.

IMPORTANT: After you purchase the insurance you will need to add these to your ADDITIONAL INSURED (your agent will be able to help you):

–WookieFoot LLC, Harmony Park INC, Jay Sullivan, Harvestfest LLC, and Be The Change Charities 501c3

Please keep an eye out for applications to spin at upcoming Harmony Events or send me a DM for info!

Thank You and Happy Burning!

Email: tqdrumm@gmail.com