Applications for 2024 PRACTITIONERS will be posted soon.

  • LIMITED SPACE – We are limiting this to 6 Practitioner Vending spots.
  • VENDING – This is a Vending opportunity and you can charge money for your services.  The fee to reserve a spot with us is $450 (paid after you are accepted)
  • LOCATION – It will be located in the middle of the park under the oaks *(Please note: it will not be in the Main Concert Bowl)
  • INSURANCE – You must submit your proof insurance at the time of submitting *(and later add Shangri-La and Harmony Park Inc as additional insured)
  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS – Please review all of the info at the bottom of this page

If you are interested in participating as a Healing Practitioner please fill out the application below…


Setup: Thursday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Note: When pulling into Harmony Park, you must remain in line with the patron’s cars and not pull into the left lane to bypass them. This lane needs to be kept clear for emergency vehicles. We do our best to keep the line moving quickly and efficiently so the wait is generally not very long. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

• Early Camping is Thursday Night so be ready for an evening of sales!

Arrival: Do not arrive before 10am on Thursday. If you arrive on Wednesday, you will not be permitted to enter Harmony Park and must camp at a local campground. If you arrive on Thursday before 10am, you will have to wait in the parking lot until 10am. If you arrive after 5pm your vehicle will not be able to be escorted into the festival grounds and you won’t be able to set up your booth until Friday morning.

Teardown: Monday: until 3pm

In order for us to clean and clear the park, all vendors must be CLOSED BY NOON & VACATE THE PARK by 3 pm sharp on Sunday. Any vendor not closed by noon and gone by 3 may be not invited back. It is a lot of work to empty and clean the park before we can go home. We do have vendors from last year who are not allowed back due to late closing and vacating.

Please respect the Festival Staff and Harmony Park by vacating on time and leaving your area clean.

Additional Information: Admission for two vendors is included with the booth packages. Additional vendor tickets will be available for $120 (Limit 2) if they are requested and paid for with this contract. All vendor tickets must be purchased in advance – No vendor tickets will be available onsite. If you add additional staff after August 1, they will be required to purchase a full price General Admission ticket (and separate Pre-Party & Early Camping ticket if they plan to arrive with you on Thursday)

Vending Policies:

  • If you want your vehicle parked NEAR your vending booth, it CAN NOT be moved all weekend (until vendor tear down on Monday). If you plan to leave the festival for any reason, you must leave a car in the general parking lot and carry your supplies in through the gate by the shower house from 5pm Thursday through Monday morning.
  • No Glass (unless it is art glass pre-approved by Festival Management)
  • No Tobacco Accessories
    No Cancelations or Refunds
  • No Dogs
  • No Roaming Vending
  • No Selling Plastic Water Bottles
  • No Outside Firewood (due to the spread of a beetle harmful to the grove)
  • You must leave vour booth space as vou found it and completelv remove all rubbish and debris (including cigarette butts, zip ties, boxes, etc.)
  • Your business and your actions must meet all local, state, and federal laws
  • You are responsible for providing your own electrical cords & accessories that meet electrical code
  • No RV’s are allowed into campground and vending areas. If you have an RV you must purchase a RV spot on the festival website (they do sell out)
  • You must have current car insurance since you will be driving your vending vehicle within the festival. Proof of insurance must be mailed along with this application
    No alcohol containers in the vending booth.
    You may only sell the items listed in your contract

Liability Waiver: By signing this agreement, the vendor assumes all responsibility in and/or around the vending booth (both for themselves, and for all staff, helpers, and sublet vendors in and around their vending booth) and relieves Shangri~la, Wookiefoot, Harmony Park, and Harmony Marketing, and all of their affiliates of all liabilities. You are responsible for all costs in the case of legal action, be it a patron, the city, a citizen. and/or Harmony Park, against you (and/or your staff, helpers, and sublet vendors in and around their vending booth) or us because of your business’ actions. If for any reason Shangri~La. Wookiefoot. Harmony Park. or Harmony Marketing. and any of its affiliates are required to obtain legal counsel, attend court, or face the city for your actions, you